St. Joseph School
Issaquah • Snoqualmie
K-8th Grade - 6-8th Grade Enrichment

Enrichment classes are available for students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Classes offered depend on student interest and instructor availability. Choices have included:

The art curriculum for middle school students includes a wide range of art mediums including photography, filming, sculpture, drawing, painting, puppetry and other forms of art. Each trimester is tailored to the class interests but focus is always on developing basic art skills and critical thinking through fun, hands on projects. Art history is integrated into the lessons and individual growth and expression is encouraged.

Advanced Band
This course will expand the students knowledge of notation and terminology. Students will be challenged to expand their range and stamina on their instrument through the rehearsal of more challenging music. Emphasis will be on individual development by emphasizing the importance of a regular practice schedule. Instruction will continue on the care and maintenance of their instrument as well as all accessories necessary for each rehearsal. Students will also study music theory applied largely through performance. Students will be graded on their preparation for each rehearsal, demonstration of teamwork and effort shown in mastering the assigned music and exercises. Students are expected to perform in the Christmas and Spring Programs. This is a year long elective held twice a week before school during Zero Period.

Liturgy Choir
Liturgy Choir is a year long elective held twice a week before school during Zero Period. Students prepare for school liturgies, concerts and performances within the greater community. Students develop an appreciation of music through the analysis of a wide variety of religious and secular music, historical and culturally-specific songs and participation in liturgy through leadership roles with music. All Choir students participate in the Christmas and Spring Concerts

Drama is a trimester enrichment course for middle school students. In class, students can expect to learn theater skills — voice, characterization, intention, and movement — and explore various aspects of drama: theater sports, improvisation, scene work, set building, and performance. The curriculum is designed to expose students to drama and teach students real life presentation, communication, and cooperation/teamwork skills. In drama, students are asked to challenge themselves by taking risks in front of their peers and to work together to put on a production. Ultimately, this experience builds self-confidence, which resonates far beyond the classroom. Students in Drama will select, produce, create sets, and take part in one theater production each trimester which will be performed for students and families on both campuses.

Speech is a trimester enrichment class offered to sixth and seventh grade students. Speech provides an excellent opportunity for students to sharpen both written and verbal communication skills in a friendly and encouraging environment. Students will participate in class in acting and public speaking activities. Students will also attend and have the opportunity to participate in an Archdiocese Middle School Speech competition or a Speech Night held at St. Joseph.

Students in Robotics learn about building robots with Legos and programming them to do specific tasks. First trimester students participate in the FIRST competition against other middle schools. Second and third trimester students learn the basics of building and programming robots in preparation for the next years' competition.

8th Grade Spanish
All eighth grade students at St. Joseph School participate in Spanish. The class introduces the students to the culture of Spanish speaking countries, their history, similarities and differences. Since the majority of the people living in these countries are Catholics, we will be learning to pray in Spanish. Students will also learn about: numbers, the alphabet, food, clothing, flags, and families. In addition to Spanish culture they will learn basic vocabulary (through research on the internet, books, games and songs.)

8th Grade Leadership
All eighth grade students at St. Joseph School participate in our Student Leadership Commission. This opportunity is designed to teach and strengthen student organizational, planning and presentation skills. The Student Commission consists of five areas: Religious Activities, Finance, Resource Management, Spirit and Outreach. Students plan and orchestrate school wide assemblies, activities, outreach projects, and fun-filled activities for the Snoqualmie campus. The goal of this program is to develop and enhance leadership skills, providing a solid foundation for students as they enter high school.