St. Joseph School
Issaquah • Snoqualmie
K-8th Grade - K-5th Grade Enrichment


Art classes are provided once a week in grades 1-5.  The curriculum focuses on a different art element each month (based on the art objectives developed by the State of Washington).  Students study one or two artists monthly, examining how they use the art element in focus.  Students use collage, drawing, paper maché, mosaic, sculpture, painting and additional projects to encourage creativity and skill building. Elements of Art examined include: line, shape/form, pattern, color, space and texture.


General music education in grades K-4 consists of learning the fundamentals of beat, rhythm, music notation, music reading, and playing the recorder, Orff instrument performance, and singing performance. Students in Kindergarten have music one time per week for 30 minutes.

5th Grade Band

As the music requirement for all students in 5th grade, a wide variety of music skills are learned through performance on an instrument and written work. This includes music reading, music notation, composition, individual and group performance, music theory and history, as well as how to discuss music and evaluate musical performances (including self-evaluation.) Music performed by the 5th grade band is chosen from the method book used (Standard of Excellence, Book 1.) Supplemental music is also added throughout the year and includes a variety of genres, both liturgical and secular. Each band student is expected to practice a minimum of 60 minutes per week outside of rehearsal time.

Liturgy Choir

Liturgy Choir is a Zero Period elective at the Snoqualmie campus for grades 4-8. Students in Liturgy Choir meet twice a week before school to prepare for school liturgies, concerts, and performances within the greater community. Students develop an appreciation of music through the analysis of a wide variety of religious and secular music, historical and culturally-specific songs, and participation in liturgy through leadership roles with music.

Physical Education

Students in Kindergarten participate in PE for 30 minutes, one time per week. Students in Grades 1-5 participate in PE for 30 minutes, twice per week. Students in grades 6-8 participate in PE everyday just before or just after lunch in place of "recess."

The curriculum in PE includes: fitness activities, games and skills, rhythms and dance, and gymnastics.  It is designed with a strong emphasis on the fitness component, to give the student as wide a skill, games, and dance experience as possible and to develop a sense of fair play, cooperation, and the ability to work in groups.

The intent of the curriculum is to foster in students a love of physical activity and instill a desire for physical fitness in each child. The curriculum includes skills and lead-up activities for team sports, individual sports and lifetime activities. The lessons are designed for each student to be successful and work at their individual pace.