St. Joseph School
Issaquah • Snoqualmie
K-8th Grade - Technology
St. Joseph School maintains several computer labs, a standard lab in Issaquah and two mobile labs in Snoqualmie, available for students in 4th and 5th grades. Students in 6-8 grades provide their own device for use throughout the day. In Issaquah the computer lab shares space with the library. In Snoqualmie the computer labs are mobile and go directly to the students. Technology is integrated across all curriculum areas. There are eleven ActivBoards available on the Snoqualmie campus in grades 4-8 along with still/video cameras. Projectors and document camera are in all K-8 grade classrooms.

A technology specialist provides instruction for students in K-5th grade on a weekly basis. Students learn to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Students also use KidPix, All the Right Type and Microsoft Digital Editing Pro. Additionally, students use the Internet to do research and enhance learning using web based programs. Instructional assistants oversee student keyboarding practice in 3rd grade. The technology specialists also provide technical instruction and assistance to the faculty and staff.

During computer instruction, students have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills through a variety of projects that support classroom curriculum, for example: writing Halloween stories; illustrating Christmas stories; creating "How-to" PowerPoint presentations; making a class survey graph; creating a travel brochure about Washington State; making a movie for a school assembly about recycling.