St. Joseph School
Issaquah • Snoqualmie
About Our School - School Commission

The overall purpose of the school commission is to advise and support the pastor and principal in the operation of the parish school. In the spirit of collaboration, the selected commission members recognize the role and authority of the pastor and the principal as his delegate. The pastor and principal respect the authentic witness and expertise offered by the commission members. All parties work collaboratively to build consensus.

The commission is consultative and is not a decision making body. Members cannot act apart from the pastor and the principal and cannot address issues or make decisions binding on the parish school without approval of the principal and pastor. The pastor and principal will not make significant decisions in functional areas listed below until and unless the school commission has been consulted. When the commission meets as pastor, principal, and commission members, and agrees on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all.

The areas in which the Commission has responsibility and will be consulted are:

  • Planning
  • Policy Development and Formulation
  • School Finance
  • Development
  • Grant Writing

The Commission does not have responsibility in the areas of curriculum and personnel. Questions or issues in those areas should be taken directly to the school administration.

The commission is a diverse group that reflects the composition of the parish and the school. The selected membership will consist of seven to eleven (7-11) voting members. All attempts will be made to assemble a group that adequately reflects the school population. The recommended representation is as follows:

  • At least three (3) school parents who are members of St. Joseph Parish
  • At least one (1) school parent who is a member of Mary, Queen of Peace Parish
  • At least one (1) school parent who is a member of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
  • Two (2) St. Joseph parishioners who are not school parents.

A representative from the Parents’ Club shall attend all school commission meetings as an ex-officio member as well as the principal and pastor or his delegate.

Members of the School Commission for the 2015-16 school year are:

Three-Year Term Members


Greg Mahoney              2012-2016
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Tom Farrell                   2013 – 2016
St. Joseph Parishioner

Jeff Kelley                    2013-2016
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Tom Knollmann             2013 – 2016
St. Joseph Parishioner

Vincent Lombardi          2013-2016
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Joe Yellig                     2013 – 2016
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Grant Kenn                   2014-2017
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Steve Sancewich          2014-2017
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Daver Tiryakioglu         2014-2017
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Joaquim Rosario           2015-2018
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Kristin Jamer                 2015–2018
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Chris Martin                   2015–2018
School Parent, St. Joseph Parishioner

Permanent Members


Peg Johnston
425-313-9129 Office

Very Reverend Todd Strange
425-392-5516  Office

Jackie Olund
Vice Principal
425-313-9129 Office

 Megan Michalson
SJS Development Director
425-392-5516 Office
Parent Club Representative

State of the School Report

Dear St. Joseph School Parents and Parishioners,

Each year the School Commission reflects back on the highlights from the previous year to provide you a report on the general health of the school.  We are blessed to be part of a vibrant and faith-filled community that supports Catholic Education and we are happy to report that the state of the school is strong.   Since the school’s founding in 1994, the school has grown from a preschool to a preschool through eighth grade.  We are now in our third year of double graded classes.  Looking back at the 2014/2015 school year reveals another successful academic year marked by many accomplishments made possible by the dedication of faculty, staff and the spirited student body. From the varied achievements of our students, to completion of the Snoqualmie Campus building remodel over the summer, we have much to be proud of and grateful for.   This report contains information and highlights a variety of different areas.  (Continue Reading)

Attending a School Commission Meeting

The St. Joseph School Commission welcomes attendance from the parent and parishioner community at our meetings. The Commission’s agenda is planned far in advance and is very full. To ensure that all meetings are conducted in a fair, orderly and expeditious manner, we’d like to remind you of the procedures for participating at, or attending the school commission meetings.

St. Joseph School Commission Meetings are open to visitors who are affiliated with St. Joseph School, St. Joseph Parish, Mary, Queen of Peace Parish or Our Lady of Sorrows Parish.

Visitors are asked to note the following protocols:

  1. Visitors are welcome in a non-participatory role without prior communication.
  2. Visitors are asked to sit in the seats provided which are positioned separately from the working table of the commission.
  3. Any visitor who would like to speak or comment on an agenda item needs to communicate their desire to speak before the meeting begins. Visitor comments are limited to a five-minute presentation. The forum for visitor presentations will be scheduled after regular commission agenda items are completed.
  4. Any visitor who would like to suggest an item to be added to the meeting agenda needs to do so in writing by submitting the St. Joseph School Commission Agenda Request. Submissions must be received no later than seven (7) days prior to the School Commission meeting for consideration on that agenda. The school commission chairperson or school principal will inform the submitter of the date and time their proposal will be on the agenda. All items must relate to commission business. Submit requests via email to the school commission chairperson.
  5. At times, a closed session is called due to confidential items under discussion, visitors are asked to respect the call for a closed session.

The St. Joseph School Commission thanks you in advance for your respect for these procedures.