St. Joseph School
Issaquah • Snoqualmie
Admissions - Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year:




1st student  (K-8)

$8,310 $10,288

2nd student  (K-8)

$5,762 $7,545

Each additional student (K-8)

$3,104 $7,117

Middle School Technology-
-Additional fee




Tuition is paid through FACTS (a tuition management system) by the 10th of each month, over 11 months, starting in July. Click Here to link to the FACTS website

A $350 per student enrollment fee is due with your application. This covers the $300 registration fee and the $50 application fee (including all Kindergarten students.) At the end of the application period, if your student has not been accepted into St. Joseph School, you will receive a refund of all monies minus the $50 application fee. If your student has been accepted into St. Joseph School and you withdraw for any reason, no monies will be refunded.

Parishioner status is determined by the parish office in which you are registered. Parishioners must be registered at St. Joseph Parish, Holy Innocents, Our Lady of Sorrows or Mary, Queen of Peace Parish.  Parishioners must meet their parish’s criteria: 1) registered at parish; 2) regular attendance at Sunday Mass; 3) a current Stewardship of Treasure Card on file and make a good faith effort to keep their Stewardship of Treasure commitment through the year; and 4) contribute to the life of the parish. For financial subsidy purposes, families registered in parishes other than St. Joseph are asked to remain registered and active in that parish through the end of the school year.  Please contact your parish office if you have questions about your parishioner status.

In regards to the Stewardship of Treasure Card: in Oct/Nov, the parish in which you are registered will ask you to complete a new Stewardship of Treasure Card. As part of our agreement to provide the in-parish rate, please submit a new card each year to the parish.

Additional fees beyond those covered by the tuition will be incurred during the academic year. These include, but are not limited to, Extended Care (before/after school care), bus transportation, milk, extra-curricular activities, CYO sports, field trips, pizza days, class auction project, field day, and charges for volunteer hours not fulfilled. These costs will be billed by the school on a monthly statement or paid in September with your Parents' Club Event Check.

Middle School Technology -  All middle school students are required to bring a Laptop or Windows Tablet.  More information regarding laptop requirements will be provided in the Spring Packet.  In addition, there is a yearly $50 technology fee that covers the cost of cloud based access.

Financial Aid is available for families in need from St. Joseph School and through the Archdiocesan Fulcrum Foundation. Financial aid forms are due to the school office by January 10, 2017. Decisions are made based on need and families are notified At the end of March. All financial aid applicants are kept confidential. Acceptance to St. Joseph School is made independent of financial need. The date for Financial Aid has now passed.

Withdrawal Prior to the Start of School Enrollment fees paid at registration are deposited upon receipt and are not refundable after acceptance of your student. Submittal of your registration contract constitutes acceptance to St. Joseph School for families that are re-enrolling. If you withdraw after April 10, you are responsible for the tuition portion based on the table below. For example, if notice is given on April 11 that your student will not be attending St. Joseph School in the fall, you will owe 30% of tuition -- even though your student has not yet attended classes. All monies owed will be due upon notification of withdrawal. St. Joseph School will not forward records for students until all outstanding balances have been paid (tuition, annual fund, and/or fundraising).

Date of Withdrawal

% of tuition owed

April 11 – September 30

30% of tuition

October 1 – December 31

60% of tuition

January 1 – March 31

90% of tuition

After April 1

100% of tuition


Prorating of Tuition In Case of Late Admission  Responsibility for tuition for students admitted after the start of the school year is only for the academic period during which they attend St. Joseph School. The prorated amount will be determined by St. Joseph School and is non-negotiable.