E-News Feb 16, 2017



The auction is just around the corner!  Make sure to turn in your RSVP card!  There will be no Thursday folders coming home this week, so make sure to send it with your students and teachers will get them to the office or you may drop them off in the office at either campus!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the auction! 

 Raffle tickets are now on sale! 

Look for the flyer to come home with your student tomorrow!   We have some great raffle items – Which one will you pick for a chance to win?

 We Need your Help to Stock the Wine Cellar! 

Our wine cellar needs your help!  We’d love your contributions of wine valued between $25 and $75.  This is a fun addition to our event but we need your help!  Please bring donations of wine to the school office at either campus.  Please DO NOT send wine to school with your child. Only hand wine to an adult auction volunteer or office staff. 

 Announcing the 2017 Fund-a- Need!

St. Joseph School – Academic Excellence in the 21st Century

Fund-a-Need – 21st Century Technology – Infrastructure, Student & Teacher Devices


Classroom technology has changed dramatically since the 20th century.  Gone are the days of chalkboards, slide rules, radios, mimeograph machines, film and overhead projectors.  Schools today navigate an environment much like the work world, filled with laptops, active boards, technology databases, digital projectors and beyond.


At St. Joseph School we prepare and graduate 21st century learners. Technology integration creates experiences in student’s lives which build skills; skill in leadership, collaboration, communication, creativity, diverse thinking and more. Technology is an essential tool with which we engage our students to be self-motivated, active learners, resulting in digital fluency. These experiences are relevant to their lives in and beyond the classroom; these serve as the foundation for their future success in the information age. 


The most dependable aspect of technology is change. To achieve these outcomes, this year’s Fund-a-Need will help support both the infrastructure and tools essential for our students and teachers!

Fund-a-Need Goals:

  • Increase internet speed and bandwidth for higher volume of use for students and teachers
  • Upgrade cloud based infrastructure for classroom and school data storage
  • Improve network infrastructure moving from cable to fiber optic for improved network speed
  • Replace student laptops in student mobile labs for student technology classes and classroom use
  • Obtain licenses for laptops with Windows 10 and updated server software
  • Continue upgrades of teacher workstations, ActivBoards, sound systems, and wireless classroom technology
  • Provide ongoing staff training in the latest uses of educational technology in their classrooms for whole class instruction and individual student learning

St. Joseph School teaches our students more!

State of the art technology, coupled with academic and teaching excellence, prepares and graduates students equipped for tomorrow.


Registration Information

Registration will be ongoing. The registration deadline for current students was February 10. The registration fee is $350 per student after February 10.

KOC Free Throw Championship

The SJC Knights of Columbus will be hosting a Free Throw Championship for Boys and Girls ages 9-14 on Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 10:30am to 1:30pm in the St. Joseph School Snoqualmie Gymnasium.  You can view the flyer here.

Catholic Schools Week Thank Yous

Thank you for all your support during Catholic Schools Week. We would like to acknowledge Parents' Club for hosting an extra pizza lunch and for hosting a special all staff appreciation lunch. We appreciate all the students and families who helped during weekend masses, extra pizza lunch, staff appreciation lunch and Carnival. Thank you to Kelly Kenn, Brenda Barry, Gina Briles and Melanie Hess for coordinating the All Staff Appreciation Lunch.  Thank you to Sharon Roehm for chairing an exciting and fun filled Carnival evening. Thank you to everyone who made this week so enjoyable. 

Extended Day Calendar

If your child will be using extended care for the month of February, please click here.  For March, click here.

Calendars can also be found on the forms page under Extended Care. 

Lunch Program

Welcome from Lunch Ladies Catering! We are proud to provide your school lunches for the 2016/2017 school year.

Go to http://lunchladiescatering.orderlunches.com

Click on “Register”

School Password is: llcatering246

Then complete the information process.

For more hot lunch information, click here.

Any questions regarding the lunch program can be directed to our email contact@lunchladiescatering.com or by phone at 425-444-9573.

Technical support: If you have trouble placing an order online, please email support@orderlunches.com.

Thank you for participating in our school lunch program. 


St. Joseph School is on Facebook. Like us and stay connected for all the latest news, announcements, and pictures from school events.

Newsletter Blurbs and Fliers

Please submit all Newsletter blurbs by Tuesday if you would like them in Thursday's E-News. All fliers and blurbs must be approved. We try to keep the fliers to a minimum.

Send all information to Patty Rosell at snoqualmie@sjsissaquah.org

Archived Newsletters

You will find archived Newsletters on the left hand corner of the E-News page.


Your Scrip Dollars At Work!!!

The Issaquah Campus has started spending part of their $3,000 "Fall into Scrip" winnings.  "Fall into Scrip" funds purchased stools for Mrs. Mac's art classroom in Issaquah.  These stools greatly improve the flow of the art classroom.  A majority of the "Fall into Scrip" fund is still available to the Issaquah Campus.  So, parents, teachers, and staff, please forward suggestions for additional Scrip Fund-An-Items to Parents' Club or to us at scrip@sjsissaquah.org. No suggestion item is too big or too small.


There are no Thursday folders today so, please, just forward your order to either school office any time.  We will fill your order with inventory on-hand (cards on backorder will be ordered).  Snoqualmie students will receive their Scrip order in their child's backpack.  For Issaquah, we will contact you on the best way to receive your Scrip order.  Either at pick-up or placed in your child's backpack. 

Many ways to place your order

Continue to let your everyday groceries, Target, & Starbucks shopping support St. Joseph School.

Grab & Go

Our top sellers include QFC/Fred Meyer (5%), Safeway (4%), Starbucks (7%), Target (2%), Amazon (3%) and PCC (5%). Consider picking one Cash Card weekly.

These cards & many more can be purchased during our SJS Cash Cards Sale times in Issaquah or Snoqualmie. See the bottom of the e-news for the dates & times for SJS Cash Cards Sales.

Online Ordering

Browse the 1000+ stores available at www.shopwithscrip.com and place an order.  SJS enrollment code is BC664D6833L5L.

Drop off SJS your Family Order Form by 9:00am Monday and receive your order by Thursday afternoon of the same week. As always, SJS Cash Cards offers "Special Orders" every week.


Let’s see if we can get 100% participation!

       Contact us at scrip@sjsissaquah.orgScrip Volunteer OpportunitiesScrip Tuition AgreementQ&A, and Scrip Potential Earnings Flier  


If your child or child's team has an outstanding success or achievement, we would like to acknowledge them in the E-News. Please send a short blurb to Patty at snoqualmie@sjsissaquah.org


Seattle Prep Drama Program presents Anything Goes!

Cast includes SJS Alumni, Dominic F. Click here for more information.


The next Parents’ club meeting will be on the Issaquah Campus on March 6, at 9:00am in the St. Theresa Room (parish library). All parents are encouraged to attend. For questions or comments, we are here for you at parentsclub@sjsissaquah.org.


Textile Drive Committee: Parents’ Club raised a lot of money last year during our Textile drive and we are looking forward to raising more this year. If you have questions or would like to help, contact Brenda Barry at sherrybrenda@hotmail.com   


Volunteer Hours and Communication:

Finally, a streamlined system for finding volunteer opportunities, asking for volunteers and logging your hours – OnVolunteer!  It is quick and simple. You are already in the system. Click here and sign in now, explore the site and get your volunteer hours! "Many hands make light work."  If you have any question about logging in to OnVolunteer, please contact Gina Briles at pcvolunteer@sjsissaquah.org.


Volunteer Opportunities: 

Check out the OnVolunteer website for all the volunteer opportunities you may need http://stj.iss.onvolunteers.com


First Saturday Garden Club

First Saturday Garden Club is Saturday, March 4, 10:00am-12:00noon, at St Joseph Church grounds. See you on the grounds! For questions, contact Church Gardens Coordinator Elaine Detwiler at



Pizza Fridays

Are you looking for some fun volunteer hours? Help is still needed to distribute lunchtime pizza at the Snoqualmie Campus on Pizza Fridays.  Please contact Michelle Macartney sarrufm@hotmail.com if you are interested.


Mandatory Volunteer Requirements:

At St. Joseph School the safety of our students, mind and body, is important to all of us. In order to volunteer in any capacity that involves students such as classroom volunteers, coaches, scout leaders, or field trip volunteers, volunteers must meet the following requirements:



           ●  Attend a volunteer training at St. Joseph School.

           ●  Sign a Confidentiality Pledge yearly (last page of the Volunteer Handbook)

           ●  Go online at http://www.virtusonline.org to request and pass a Volunteer Background Check.

           ●  Attend a free, 3-hour Safe Environment training program “Protecting God’s Children” for Adults held in locations throughout the Seattle Archdiocese. Register for classes at www.virtusonline.org.
           ●  Send a copy of your certificate of completion to Roxane Barkley in the school office at office@sjsissaquah.org


●  Go online at www.virtusonline.org, fill out and pass a Volunteer Background Check every 3 years. Complete associated on-line class.

●  Review the Volunteer Handbook yearly

●  Sign a Confidentiality Pledge yearly (last page of the Volunteer Handbook)


For questions, please contact Roxane Barkley in the Issaquah office, 425-313-9129 x 321.


New Safe Environment information:

The archdiocese has made substantial changes to the Safe Environment program last year and it has been working out the glitches over the year. The archdiocese still requires a valid background check every three years, a 3 hour in-person class, and every three years, an on-line course.  The school also requires in-person attendance at a class conducted at school and a signed Confidentiality Form. The school form is on our website.


All background checks and on-line classes go through www.virtusonline.org.  If you have been a volunteer anywhere in the archdiocese previously, you will be in the system. Please contact Roxane Barkley at office@sjsissaquah.org if you need help navigating the system.


We are still looking for a Track & Field Coordinator to help start a new program at St. Joe's.  Please contact Pat Murphy to find out more. pxmurphy@hotmail.com  425-591-7820.

CHURCH  NEWS - To view the weekly church bulletin click here.


Parent Retreat at Holy Family Kirkland

Please check out this wonderful retreat, Praying as a Family, being offered at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland on February 25.  Please click here and here for more details.


 Check the Forms page of our website for a more complete list of forms.



Friday, Feb 17………………

9:00am Mass – Issaquah – Full Dress Uniform

Friday, Feb 17………………

Pizza Day

Friday, Feb 17………………

1:45pm Mass – Snoqualmie – Full Dress Uniform

Feb 20-24…………………….

No school – mid-winter break

Wednesday, March 1……

Ash Wednesday, 9:00am Mass – Issaquah – Full Dress Uniform

Wednesday, March 1……

Ash Wednesday, 12:30pm Mass – Snoqualmie/OLOS – Full Dress Uniform

Wednesday, March 8…….

Free Dress (because regular first Wednesday will be full dress)

March 2 – April 7………….

School-wide outreach: Coin drive for Friends of the Orphans

Saturday, March 4………..

SJS Annual Auction – Westin Bellevue

Thursday, March 9……….

7:00pm, SJS Middle school play, Snoqualmie campus

Friday, March 10………….

No School – Professional Development Day




1:45 pm  Early Release, Snoqualmie


2:05 pm Early Release, Issaquah



Robotics Team

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-4:00 in Snoqualmie




8:00 – 8:45 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Snoqualmie


8:45 – 9:30 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah


8:45 – 9:30 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah


8:00 – 8:45 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Snoqualmie


3:00 – 3:45 pm Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah​

September 22, 2017 - 8:49am