E-News Mar 30, 2017


Class and Eighth Grade Graduation Pictures – Today and Tomorrow

Class pictures and eighth grade graduation pictures are tomorrow. Please check the schedule below for your student's class picture day.

Students must wear full dress uniform. No red, no khaki.

Eighth grade cap and gown picture order forms went home last Friday or you can prepay on the Yuen Lui website.

Thursday, March 30: Pre-3, Kindergarten, grade 1 class pictures in Issaquah ( Morning )

Friday, March 31: Pre-4, Pre-K, grade 2, grade 3, class pictures in Issaquah ( Morning )

Friday, March 31: Eighth grade graduation and grade 4-8 class pictures in Snoqualmie  ( Afternoon )

Stations of the Cross

The third grade class will be presenting the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, April 14 at 10:45am at SJC in Issaquah. We invite you to join us for this beautiful devotion commemorating Jesus’ last day on earth as a man.  Half day dismissal will be silent at 11:50am.


Follow Jesus in His passion during a special presentation of the Stations of the Cross by the SJS eighth grade class on Good Friday, April 14 at 10:00am at OLOS in Snoqualmie.  Text and scenes are from We Were There, based on John Paul II’s Way of the Cross. This presentation has been a long standing tradition with our eighth grade class and we hope you will join us. Half day dismissal will be silent at 11:30am.

You Can Still Join in on this Auction Item: Middle School Kick it with the Teachers!

Sign your sixth, seventh or eighth grader up for a fun afternoon with all the middle school teachers. The event takes place on Friday, May 19, 2017 from 3:15 pm-6:15 pm.

Students can join their teachers and friends for a BBQ in Snoqualmie!  We will all play kickball, capture the flag and other silly games, then, break for hotdogs and hamburgers. We will end the afternoon with make-your-own sundaes and “Awards for the Best.”   Please contact Mrs. Bemis at ebemis@sjsissaquah.org to sign up. The cost is $50 per student and parents must arrange student transportation. 

Seattle Humane Society donations

Hello, my name is Caitlin G., SJS eighth grader, and I am collecting +500 pounds of pet food for the Seattle Humane Society. I am collecting dry and wet, dog and cat food, which will be sent to people who need help to provide food for the animals that they love. I have a Red Barrel at The Grange in Issaquah. The Red Barrel will be at this location until April 8. 

Please consider supporting this effort!  Thank you for your donations!

Fitness Calendars

It’s time to turn in your March Fitness Calendar! You may turn it in to Mrs. Hughes, the office or your teacher. Parents, please remember to initial each day your child participated. For the April Calendar, go to Mrs. Hughes' website at:  sjsissaquah.org, For Families and Students, Teacher Websites, find Mrs. Hughes and Fitness Calendars.  Thank you for participating in this fun activity. Let’s keep moving!

Yearbook pictures

The yearbook committee is hard at work creating a book full of memories from the school year. Please send any pictures you may have to Michele Simmons wdwminnie1@msn.com.

Extended Day Calendar

If your child will be using extended care for the month of April, click here. For May, click here.

Calendars can also be found on our website, on the forms page, under Extended Care. 

Lunch Program

Welcome from Lunch Ladies Catering! We are proud to provide your school lunches for the 2016/2017 school year.

Go to http://lunchladiescatering.orderlunches.com

Click on “Register”

School Password is: llcatering246

Then complete the information process.

For more hot lunch information, click here.

Any questions regarding the lunch program can be directed to our email contact@lunchladiescatering.com or by phone at 425-444-9573.

Technical support: If you have trouble placing an order online, please email support@orderlunches.com.

Thank you for participating in our school lunch program. 


St. Joseph School is on Facebook. Like us and stay connected for all the latest news, announcements, and pictures from school events.

Newsletter Blurbs and Fliers

Please submit all Newsletter blurbs by Tuesday if you would like them in Thursday's E-News. All fliers and blurbs must be approved. We try to keep the fliers to a minimum.

Send all information to Patty at snoqualmie@sjsissaquah.org

Archived Newsletters

You will find archived Newsletters on the right hand corner of the E-News page.


Walk-A-Thon News -  DATE CHANGE!

Please mark your calendars for the 2017 Walk-A-Thon. This fundraiser will be held as two separate events.


·        Grades K - 2 will have their WAT on Friday, May 12 on the Issaquah campus before lunch.  Due to a variety of circumstances, PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FOR THE ISSAQUAH CAMPUS! 


·        Grades 3 - 8 will have their WAT on Friday, May 5 on the Snoqualmie campus in the afternoon.


We are starting the event with a WAT Slogan Contest! Students can submit 1 entry each. Send in your slogan on the Slogan Contest Form by Thursday, April 6, to either school office. The winning slogan will be shown on various Walk-A-Thon promotions. The form went home is last Thursday’s folder. Click hereto view the form.


Volunteers needed!  If you would like to volunteer, please click here to complete a Volunteer Form. The form will also be included in today’s Thursday Folder. This will help us plan and match volunteers with jobs needed.  Please return your completed form to the office by Thursday, April 13.  Any questions, please contact Megan Michalson at mmichalson@sjsissaquah.org.  Please note that all volunteers must meet the mandatory volunteer requirements. 

Please contact our chairs Deana Rudolph at dmrudolph@live.com for the Issaquah WAT, or Pam Jones at roeandpam@aol.com for the Snoqualmie WAT if you have any questions.


Your Sunday Scrip Purchases are Hard at Work!

    Did you know that Scrip is sold the 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month down in the Parish Hall after the 8:15am & 10:00am masses. These rebate dollars allowed Scrip to purchase new bibles for St. Joseph Parish. These newly purchase bibles will replace the bibles purchased in 1970.  The Parish thanks all of the individuals that support Scrip sales on Sunday and Scrip's ability to fund the purchase of new bibles for St. Joseph Parish.  

Update on the Fall into Scrip Funding for Issaquah. Issaquah has $2,000 in their fund from our Fall into Scrip Contest. Staff is evaluating various suggestions and items to fund.  As you can see by using Scrip to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you put your shopping dollars to work for St. Joseph School & Parish.  Stock your pantry by purchasing Walmart (2.5%), Sam's Club (2.5%), Whole Foods (3%), or from our top sellers which includes QFC/Fred Meyer (5%), Safeway (4%), Target (2%), Amazon (3%) and PCC (5%). We have your home decor covered also through Bed, Bath & Beyond (7%), Bath & Body Works (13%), Pier 1 (9%), Home Goods (7%), Home Depot (4%), & Lowe's (4%).  Just to name a few.  Browse the 1000+ stores available at www.shopwithscrip.com.


        Many ways to place your order

Continue to let your everyday groceries, Target, & Starbucks shopping support St. Joseph School.


Grab & Go

Our top sellers include QFC/Fred Meyer (5%), Safeway (4%), Starbucks (7%), Target (2%), Amazon (3%) and PCC (5%). Consider picking one Cash Card weekly.

These cards & many more can be purchased during our SJS Cash Cards Sale times in Issaquah or Snoqualmie. See the bottom of the e-news for the dates & times for SJS Cash Cards Sales.


Online Ordering

Browse the 1000+ stores available at www.shopwithscrip.com and place an order.  SJS enrollment code is BC664D6833L5L.

Drop off SJS your Family Order Form by 9:00am Monday and receive your order by Thursday afternoon of the same week. As always, SJS Cash Cards offers "Special Orders" every week.


Let’s see if we can get 100% participation!

       Contact us at scrip@sjsissaquah.orgScrip Volunteer OpportunitiesScrip Tuition AgreementQ&A, and Scrip Potential Earnings Flier  


St. Joseph Mariners Night!! 

Saturday, May 20 is our fun Mariners night.  Hold the date for more information to come!  Contact Kelly Kenn if you have any questions at thekenns@yahoo.com.


Spirit Items

Are you looking for spirit items to support St. Joseph School?  We have them!!!  Click here to see the flier for more information about how to order.  Contact Kelly or Grant Kenn for any questions at thekenns@yahoo.com.


Next Parents’ Club meeting

The next Parents’ club meeting will be on the Issaquah Campus on April 3, at 9:00am in the St. Theresa Room (parish library). All parents are encouraged to attend. For questions or comments, we are here for you at parentsclub@sjsissaquah.org.


Volunteer Hours and Communication:

Finally, a streamlined system for finding volunteer opportunities, asking for volunteers and logging your hours – OnVolunteer!  It is quick and simple. You are already in the system. Click here and sign in now, explore the site and get your volunteer hours! "Many hands make light work."  If you have any question about logging in to OnVolunteer, please contact Gina Briles at pcvolunteer@sjsissaquah.org.


If your child or child's team has an outstanding success or achievement, we would like to acknowledge them in the E-News. Please send a short blurb to Patty at snoqualmie@sjsissaquah.org


Volunteer Opportunities: 

Check out the OnVolunteer website for all the volunteer opportunities you may need http://stj.iss.onvolunteers.com


Walk-A-Thon Volunteers Needed! 

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to complete a Volunteer Form. The form will also be included in today’s Thursday Folder. This will help us plan and match volunteers with jobs needed.  Please return your completed form to the office by Thursday, April 13.  Any questions, please contact Megan Michalson at mmichalson@sjsissaquah.org.  Please note that all volunteers must meet the mandatory volunteer requirements. 


First Saturday Garden Club - Saturday, April 1

In appreciation for our neighbors across the street, Living Hope Bible Church, we’ll be helping them spread beauty bark at their “front yard” from 10:00am-NOON, Saturday April 1. If we finish early, we’ll spread mulch at our own Church Gardens. For questions contact Coordinator, Elaine Detwiler, at 206-290-6888.  


Many Hands Make Light Work

The Spring Concert is coming up on the evening of May 23 and Mrs. Weitzsacker needs volunteers to help make the concert possible. You do NOT need to have a child in band to volunteer for this event! This is an easy way to get some volunteer hours in.  Help is needed with moving equipment, set up, and student supervision. Please contact Mrs. Weitzsacker at lweitzsacker@sjsissaquah.org with any questions or to sign up to help. Thank you!


Pizza Fridays

Are you looking for some fun volunteer hours? Help is still needed to distribute lunchtime pizza at the Snoqualmie Campus on Pizza Fridays.  Please contact Michelle Macartney sarrufm@hotmail.com if you are interested.   

Mandatory Volunteer Requirements:

At St. Joseph School the safety of our students, mind and body, is important to all of us. In order to volunteer in any capacity that involves students such as classroom volunteers, coaches, scout leaders, or field trip volunteers, volunteers must meet the following requirements: 


           ●  Attend a volunteer training at St. Joseph School.

           ●  Sign a Confidentiality Pledge yearly (last page of the Volunteer Handbook)

           ●  Go online at http://www.virtusonline.org to request and pass a Volunteer Background Check.

           ●  Attend a free, 3-hour Safe Environment training program “Protecting God’s Children” for Adults held in locations throughout the Seattle Archdiocese. Register for classes at www.virtusonline.org.
           ●  Send a copy of your certificate of completion to Roxane Barkley in the school office at office@sjsissaquah.org              


●  Go online at www.virtusonline.org, fill out and pass a Volunteer Background Check every 3 years. Complete associated on-line class.

●  Review the Volunteer Handbook yearly

●  Sign a Confidentiality Pledge yearly (last page of the Volunteer Handbook)


For questions, please contact Roxane Barkley in the Issaquah office, 425-313-9129 x 321.


New Safe Environment information:

The archdiocese has made substantial changes to the Safe Environment program last year and it has been working out the glitches over the year. The archdiocese still requires a valid background check every three years, a 3 hour in-person class, and every three years, an on-line course.  The school also requires in-person attendance at a class conducted at school and a signed Confidentiality Form. The school form is on our website.


All background checks and on-line classes go through www.virtusonline.org.  If you have been a volunteer anywhere in the archdiocese previously, you will be in the system. Please contact Roxane Barkley at office@sjsissaquah.org if you need help navigating the system.



We are still looking for a Track & Field Coordinator to help start a new program at St. Joe's.  Please contact Pat Murphy to find out more. pxmurphy@hotmail.com  or 425-591-7820.

CHURCH  NEWS - To view the weekly church bulletin click here.


 Check the Forms page of our website for a more complete list of forms.



Thursday, March 30………..

Pre-3, Kindergarten, grade 1 class pictures in Issaquah

Friday, March 31…………….

Pre-4, Pre-K, grade 2, grade 3, class pictures in Issaquah

Friday, March 31…………….

Eighth grade graduation pictures and grade 4-8 class pictures in Snoqualmie 

Friday, March 31…………….

Pizza Day

Friday, April 7…………………

9:00am Mass – Issaquah – Full Dress Uniform

Friday, April 7…………………

1:45pm Mass – Snoqualmie – Full Dress Uniform

Now through April 7………

School-wide outreach: Coin drive for Friends of the Orphans

Friday, April 7…………………

Pizza Day

Friday, April 7…………………

7:00pm - Third grade Stations of the Cross at SJC Issaquah

Friday, April 14………………

10:45am – Third grade Stations of the Cross at SJC Issaquah

Friday, April 14………………

10:00am – Eighth grade Stations of the Cross at OLOS Snoqualmie

Friday, April 14………………

Half Day – Good Friday – 11:30am Snoqualmie quiet dismissal, 11:50am Issaquah quiet dismissal

April 17 – April 21…………..

No School - Easter Break

Friday, May 5………………….

Grades 3-8 Walk-A-Thon Snoqualmie Campus

Friday, May 12………………..

Grades K-2 Walk-A-Thon Issaquah Campus




1:45 pm  Early Release, Snoqualmie


2:05 pm Early Release, Issaquah



Robotics Team

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-4:00 in Snoqualmie




8:00 – 8:45 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Snoqualmie


8:45 – 9:30 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah


8:45 – 9:30 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah


8:00 – 8:45 am Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Snoqualmie


3:00 – 3:45 pm Scrip/Cash Card Sales, Issaquah​

September 22, 2017 - 8:56am