Closure Information

*For Families & Students - School Closure Information

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The school handbook states:

    If inclement weather or other emergency causes St. Joseph School to close, television and radio announcements will be made on stations KOMO(4), KING(5), and KIRO(7), on radio stations KIRO(97.3 fm) and KOMO(1000 am), and the web site If one campus closes, all campuses will be closed. The decision and notification will usually be made by 6:15 am. Parents in certain geographic areas (such as hills) may make a prudent decision, based on the weather, about attending school, even if school will be in session. In the event of heavy snow during the school day or other “Acts of God” which may require early dismissal from school, please listen for specific instructions on one of the stations listed above. Parents in certain geographic areas (such as hills) may make a prudent decision, based on the weather, to pick up students early from school, even if school will not be dismissing early. If school is dismissed early, but parents cannot make it to school early, students will be supervised at school until the usual dismissal time or until parents can safely pick them up. Permission to release students to persons other than parents must be stated on the Student Information Form.

If there is a prolonged school closure because of an emergency situation, the principal will determine if additional school day(s) should be added to the calendar to meet state requirements.

What should you do if you think school might be closed?

Check the website or better yet, subscribe today and an email will be sent directly to you as soon as a message is posted. No busy website to deal with!

Watch KOMO(4), KING(5), or KIRO(7), or listen to radio stations KIRO(97.3 fm) or KOMO(1000 am). They get their information directly from the website.

    The Phone Tree will only be activated in an unusual circumstance that would not normally prompt you to check if school is open. In the event of a weather related delay, the phone tree will NOT normally be activated.

We DO NOT follow the Issaquah or Snoqualmie School districts regarding school closure or delay. Just because they are closed or open does not necessarily mean that we will be also.