2018 Graduation Information

Graduation Information

It is that time of year where students across our country participate in a special rite of passage. Graduations recognize and mark the accomplishments of students across multiple stages of their educational journey. For your child, it is the completion of grades K-8 and his or her launch into high school. It is leaving behind those formative childhood years and transitioning into an educational experience that prepares them for adulthood. 

Each class that graduates also marks a change for St. Joseph School. A class of children, the majority of whom have been together for seven to eight years, is no longer with us. They will be missed because they are a part of the fabric of our St. Joseph community. Going forward, we wish them great success and pray that the Catholic values, commitment to service and academic rigor that they experienced at St. Joseph School will provide a solid foundation for the future. 

Below are key events, times and directions for Graduation: 

May 29th 8th Grade Retreat: All day at Valley Camp with Sister Liz 

June 4-8th Last Week of School: Finals/Book Returns/Classroom Shut Down/Graduation Practice 

June 4th High School Spirit Day and Celebration 

June 8th Graduation Mass: Fr. Todd Strange Presiding at 9:00 am 

  • Students should arrive at the church hall by 8:45 am 
  • Mass begins at 9:00 am. 
  • Students wear full dress uniform. 
  • Consider parking as your family remains after Mass for the breakfast.
  • Park in the upper or lower parking lot. 
  • Please do not park in the middle parking lot (playground) unless no other option is available on the street or in residential areas. 
  • All 8th-grade students are required to be present for the breakfast. 
  • Breakfast in the church hall lasts approximately one hour. 
  • Please be sure to return your RSVP. Invitations will be mailed the first week in May. Each graduate may have 5 guests attend the brunch. 
  • 8th-grade students will practice for the evening ceremony upon the conclusion of the breakfast. 
  • Practice will conclude at approximately 12:15 pm. 
June 8th Graduation Ceremony at 7:00 pm 
  • Students will return to the church hall by 6:45 pm in cap and gown. Please ensure the gown has been ironed for the ceremony. Remember to iron on low heat with a cloth placed between the gown and the iron. 
  • Please ensure clothing underneath the gown is appropriate for the ceremony: safe shoes and appropriate length skirts/dresses (girls), long pants (boys), and generally good grooming. 
  • A cake reception will immediately follow in the church hall.