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Uniforms are a tradition of Catholic schools. They contribute to the school's sense of pride and distinction. Students wear uniforms in order to practice discipline. The students look well groomed and, with a uniform-look, give an outward sign of being a community. Wearing uniforms shows equality of all students by de-emphasizing economic differences. Uniforms also lessen peer pressure and enhance self-esteem. They promote a focus on the development of the "inside" of the students rather than the externals and what the students are wearing. Clothes do not become a distraction. Uniforms are practical, durable, and economical. Again, the emphasis for students coming to school is to prepare their minds for learning. Uniforms are worn daily. Each student is required to own a uniform in good clean condition and is expected to wear it at all times except on designated "Free Dress Days". Only approved uniform attire may be worn in the school building. Whenever specific clarification is necessary, the principal will make the final determination.

CLICK HERE for the current uniform policy.

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Students who must deviate from the uniform policy are requested to present a note to the teacher. If a student arrives at school without a proper uniform, they may be asked to wear something from the lost and found box and may receive a Uniform Infraction.  A student who has three uniform infractions will lose their next free dress day.


Spirit Items are items available for purchase that have the school logo. They are not a required part of the uniform but some items may be worn during the school day. Items may include: sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, fleece jackets, window clings, umbrellas, etc. Items may be ordered through Parents' Club. CLICK HERE for a current order form. Be sure to check the school uniform policy on items that can be worn to school.