Auction Class Projects

Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten Class Project: Kindergarten Kool

This Amber Log Country Cooler is waaay, kindergarten kool! It's adorned with tiles decorated by our own St. Joseph kindergarteners! Perfect for your deck or patio, it holds 56 quarts of ice or beverages or whatever you need to keep cool. You'll smile every time you open your "kooler" and remember S. Joseph's kindergarten for years to come. The Kindergarten Kooler includes a cover to protect it, if you choose to keep it outdoors!
Thank You!
Kim Griffin
Dana Hutt


1st Grade Class Project: Little Fingerprints Tree of Life Wall Art

Our first graders' fingerprints are literally all over this beautiful etched tree of life! Each St. Joseph first grader left their individual fingerprint on the leaves that make up this treasured art piece. Signed by all of our first grade artists, your heart will be warmed every time you see this tree in your home!
Thank You!
Friends of St. Joseph School

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2nd Grade Class Project: Water Feature

Imagine this indoor/outdoor water feature at your home! Our super second graders have decorated it with their own hands to add joyful colors to enjoy for years to come? The project is professionally sealed with a UVA protected glaze, so it can be enjoyed inside or outside your home!
Thank You!
Jill Easton
Mirela Peschek

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3rd Grade Class Project: Our Hearts Belong to You

Mom and Dad, our hearts belong to you! We have put our heart and soul into this beautiful collection of loving hearts. The loving and vibrant colors will forever remind you of the love and faith we share as St. Joseph School third graders.
Thank You!
Lisa Hill
Kari Losh
Delicia Ormiston
Janelle Taflin

Seattle Skyline 3

4th Grade Class Project: The Spectacular Seattle Skyline

Our fourth graders have captured the brightness and glory of the Spectacular Seattle Skyline! Fantastic fourth grade creativity sparked the amazing colors captured in this rendition of the Emerald City! A bright and happy reminder of our city on the Puget Sound and your fourth grade year!
Thank You!
Fatima Cazares
Catherine Sabol

5th Grade Blown Glass Eggs

5th Grade Auction Project: Bowl of Blown Glass Easter Eggs

Our St. Joseph School fifth graders have created an Easter family keepsake! These blown glass Easter eggs are in every color of the rainbow. Each fifth grader did their own glass blowing to create their own, unique Easter egg. Displayed in a beautiful clear bowl, the gorgeous grouping of glass eggs represents a special fifth grade class!
Thank You!
Rachel Enselman
Mirela Peschek

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6th Grade Class Project: Succulent Garden Wall Hanging

Our sixth graders will help you to decorate your home with an indoor living succulent garden. This wall hanging is a collection of succulents representing the beauty of all living things. The wall hanging is decorated with tiles made by the sixth grade students that spell our Family Faith and Love. This project is a living reminder of how important these values are to our St. Joseph School students and families.
Thank You!
Kelly Soligon

7th Grade Auction Project

7th Grade Class Project: Copper Repousse Celtic Cross Mirror

The seventh graders present a beautiful copper repousse Celtic cross mirror. The students worked hard on this detailed copper embossing technique, completing each unique cross by hand. The ornate Celtic crosses are often intertwined with a ring to represent a halo, or God's eternal, unending love. Beautiful in any setting.
Thank You!
Tracy Fitzsimmons

8th Grade

8th Grade Class Project: Through the Years

Can you believe that your eight grade year is here? Remember your St. Joseph School eighth grade class forever with this collage of you and your classmates through the years. You'll enjoy pictures of all of our eighth graders when they were just starting our in school to almost graduating from eight grade! A forever keepsake of this collective moment in time.
Thank You!
Ann-Marie Karh