Fr. Todd Strange

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Peg Johnston

St. Joseph Parish School is an amazing school. I am so proud of the students we have graduated and all their accomplishments. We have a dynamic group of parents who are supportive of the students, teachers, and staff. I feel blessed to work here!

Office Manager

Roxane BarkleyIssaquah

Roxane Barkley

Office Manager

Patty RosellSnoqualmie

Patty Rosell

Development Director

Julie Francavilla Cipoletti  

I  love the Catholic schools communities I have been lucky enough to have been affiliated with and I am thrilled to be here at  SJS providing opportunities for our community to invest in our school through the Annual Fund, Auction and Walk A Thon!


Marketing Director

Julie Chandler


Business Manager

Ann Vandewark

As the mother of six children who have attended Catholic schools for K-12, St. Joseph is a special school.  From the homey-environment of the preschool-3rd grade campus to the incredible setting surrounded by mountains and forest of the 4-8 campus, students receive the best of what they need at each age level.  Our graduates are leaders in their respective high schools excelling in scholastics, athletics, research, and leadership. An irreplacable factor at our school is how we are all embraced by our Catholic faith throughout the day.  I am happy to come to work here each day and strive to do everything I can to make an SJS education available to every family who desires one.

Dean of Students/Admission Director/TAC

Shauna Cogan

I am Shauna Cogan and as the Admissions Director at St. Joseph School, I welcome families who are looking for a faith-filled, nurturing, and dynamic educational experience for their child. As the Dean of Students, I work with the teachers and students to ensure a safe, loving environment for all students set within the framework of our Catholic faith and best educational and counseling standards. As the Technology and Assessment Coordinator, I am implementing the gold-standard of elementary level testing for students -- the MAP test.  I provide both logistical and computer support to the school and teachers as well as assist in ensuring that technology is being used in a way that will accelerate all students.