Sarah Bechtol

Hello! My name is Sarah Bechtol and I am the kindergarten teacher at St. Joe’s! I have been teaching since 2001, and have been lucky enough to teach at St. Joseph School since 2014. I grew up attending Catholic school in Seattle at St. John and Seattle Prep, and went on to receive my B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington and a Master in Teaching degree from Seattle University. I feel blessed to teach at St. Joseph School and to be working with kindergartners – I delight in their imagination, openness and adventurous spirits!

The St. Joseph Kindergarten curriculum has been developed to focus on the total child. The program is designed to meet each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs. In kindergarten we learn and grow through a curriculum of language and literacy, religion, math, handwriting, science and social studies. We use play-based learning (free choice) as a time to learn social-emotional skills and problem solve. We learn from Specialist teachers in PE, Music, Art and Technology as well!

Teaching is my calling, and kindergarten is “home”. I am committed to building caring and trusting relationships with my students, as well as witnessing their growing relationship with each other as a community of learners and friends. Learning and cooperating is joy-filled and FUN in St. Joseph Kindergarten!