Reading and Math Specialist- Snoqualmie

Jennifer Rosario

I grew up in Northern Nevada, and attended Gonzaga University for two years before returning to Nevada to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education from University of Nevada Reno. In California, I taught in a K-3 special education classroom and as a high school resource teacher for four years before moving to general education and teaching third grade. After taking some time away from the classroom to be with my children at home, I returned to the classroom in 2014 as a Reading and Math Specialist at St. Joseph School. I am passionate about helping students reach their full potential and I love the feeling that comes from seeing students learn something new. My family and I attend St. Joseph Parish in Issaquah.

With any free time, I love to spend it with my family. When not driving a child to one activity or another or at work, I can usually be found with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Reading and Math Specialist - Issaquah

Sharon Moncada







Sharon Moncada

I was born in New Orleans, LA. I grew up there and attended St Pius X elementary school for 2 years. After that, I was in public schools all the way through college. I went to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. I have 2 master’s degrees: Speech Communication Theory and Education-Curriculum and Instruction.

I’ve taught for 20 years, mostly elementary but some middle school, college and adult education. I taught for many years overseas: in Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Austria.

I love elementary-aged students’ enthusiasm. I love getting hugs. I love being a positive role model in the life of a child. I have the pleasure of teaching 4 different age-levels. I’m teaching Kindergarteners, first, second and third graders. They’re sweet and good-natured. These ages inspire me.

My favorite books are Chrysanthemum, Jane Eyre and Wodney Wat. I like to hike, read, crochet, eat dark chocolate and drink coffee.

To make sure my students have a really good day I look at each one, greet them, look into their eyes and smile.

Music and Liturgy Choir

Debbie Ostrander

I love being in the classroom surrounded by music! What I want most for my classes is to foster the love of music in each child, to help them learn to create and perform music for others, to learn to read music independently, and finally to experience music as a way to pray alone and in community. I feel very blessed to be able to do all of these things here at St. Joseph School. In addition to enjoying many types of music, I consider music a pathway to the spirit. When I see your children creating music and singing, it is so very easy for me to see the face of God in each of them.

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in English. While in college, I was a member of the ND Chorale, where I met my husband Pat. After school and grad school, we were married in California. My first career was working with adults and children with disabilities as a Rehabilitation Engineer at Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Once we started our family, I switched to pursuing my musical interests from home. Pat and I have now been married for thirty years and have four grown sons. I have worked at St. Joseph School for over twelve years.


Jane Hughes

Hi! I am Jane Hughes and welcome to P.E. where we work to stay safe, be a good sport, try our best, and, of course, have fun.

I grew up in Southern California and have lived in Washington since 1983 with my husband, Ernie. We frequently visit our two children who live in Portland.

I attended my early school days in Southern California graduating from Palos Verdes High School where I was on the Drill Team all 4 years.

After high school, I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I earned a BS in Physical Education. I went to Cal State Bakersfield to earn my teaching certificate. After moving to Washington, I earned a BS in Occupational Therapy at the University of Washington and practiced in the Kent School District for a few years before becoming a full-time parent.

I have been at St. Joseph School since February of 2001, starting as a teaching assistant in the second grade then moving into P.E. a few years later. It has been a great gift being a part of this school and watching it grow into a great place for your children. It has also been an honor to see these children grow into wonderful human beings.

I love teaching P.E. and sharing my passion with students. My goal is to encourage students to enjoy physical activities, become comfortable with exercise, and develop a life-long desire to be active and healthy.

In K through 3rd Grade Physical Education: Students learn basic movement and skills, sportsmanship, and how to work together through games and activities. Students have two 30 minute classes each week.

In 4th and 5th Grade Physical Education: Students learn basic skills, rules, and strategies required to participate in games and sports. They continue to work on sportsmanship and teamwork. Students have two 30 minute classes each week.

In Middle School Physical Education: Students participate in traditional sports and organized games. These activities encourage physical fitness, sportsmanship, cooperation/team work, and leadership skills. The importance of daily physical activity is stressed as a life skill and an important component to a healthy individual developing the mind, body and spirit. Students have P.E. for four 30 minute classes each week. Wednesdays (early release days) students have recess.

Art 1-3

Leslie MacInnesLeslie MacInnes

Art has been a constant in my life since I was a child. Many afternoons were spent painting at my easel. Eventually, I was encouraged to explore art in college and received a BFA in Graphic Design and Packaging from Art Center College of Design. My favorite medium to work in is metal - I have spent the past 20 years creating small scale sculpture and precious metal jewelry in my studio.

It is invigorating to teach art to the different grades from kindergarten through third grade at St Joseph School. Children create the purest form of art. They have no inhibitions or preconceived notions of what art “should” be. Every day I teach, I see new and refreshing approaches to projects.

Art is essential to the well being of us all. It enhances our cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Students in my classes develop essential art vocabulary, learn about contemporary and classic art and artists as well as experience a variety of media. I strive to build each child’s confidence as a young artist! I have taught pre-school through college level art and specialized in elementary art for the past 9 years. This is my third year as the Art Specialist at Saint Joseph School.

My husband and I have lived in Issaquah for 25 years. We are raising our two teenage daughters among a bunch of critters including two cats, a corn snake and a bearded dragon! We spend much time outdoors hiking, rowing, skiing, gardening and fishing in Alaska. Our family spends most summers on a small Island in Alaska where there are no roads, cars or stores. We cherish the long days, being on the water, and especially the tight knit community of artists and fishermen.

Art 4-8

Laura HenionLaura Henion

Professional Background

As an Art Educator, I feel so blessed to bring my excitement and passion for art to my students at St. Joseph School! I first fell in love with teaching as an Art Instructor for Riverview School District where I taught art enrichment for 10+ years. Currently, I also am the Visual Arts Instructor at Northwest Art Center in Duvall where I have been teaching fine arts and digital arts for the past 7 years. I enjoy teaching art so much that I can’t imagine doing anything else!

My background in art includes over 25 years of professional experience in illustration, graphic design, and computer graphics. I also hold a Master of Arts Degree in Computer Graphics and a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology.

Over the course of my career, I have worked as an Art Director, Designer, and Artist on over 20 published multimedia titles including the award-winning Nancy Drew Mystery Games. I was also a Program Manager for Microsoft Xbox’s Forza Motorsport franchise and managed 300+ artists globally which was quite an amazing experience.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy for learning art is that each child has unique God given talents and strengths. One of my goals is to help your child discover their individuality and strengths while showing them how to develop and maximize the unique gifts that God gave them.

I believe it is so important to cultivate a close art community within the classroom, where students will lift each other up with encouragement and support. When students come to art class, they should feel that it is a safe place to express themselves, their ideas and develop their artistic talents. At the end of each class, they should feel confident and excited about their artistic accomplishments. With that in mind, please note that students are not graded on their artistic ability or talent, but on their effort and positive attitude.


Our Art Program at St. Joseph School (Snoqualmie Campus) proudly participates in Artsonia.com, an online art gallery that allows students to have their own webpage to showcase their artwork! Artsonia allows parents to view their child’s artwork and share it with family members and friends all around the world. St. Joseph students are so excited about Artsonia and love receiving all the positive comments from their fans! Please enjoy St. Joseph School’s online art gallery here: StJosephSchoolSnoqualmieArtProgram

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer and help support our art program! Many are small jobs that can easily be done from home. Assistance is always welcome in the art room during class, as well as with hanging up artwork in the halls throughout the school year. Each spring, volunteers are needed to help mat and hang artwork for our annual Student Art Show.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for our Art Program, please contact me at LHenion@sjsissaquah.org.

Thank you!

Drama Enrichment

8th Grade Spanish


K-3 Technology Teacher

Melani Sailer