Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations are those skills, values and competencies that students work towards, gain and develop by graduation. The Student Learning Expectations are introduced at an age appropriate time, and are enhanced and reviewed throughout the student’s time at St. Joseph School. By the time a student leaves St. Joseph School they should be:

A Spiritually Active Catholic who:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of our faith and teachings of the Church
  • Participates in sacraments and liturgy
  • Makes morally responsible decisions
  • Engages in spirituality through prayer

A Life-Long Learner who:

  • Demonstrates a solid foundation in the basics of all subjects
  • Thinks critically and demonstrates problem solving skills
  • Communicates clearly and effectively orally and in writing
  • Works co-operatively and productively with others
  • Engages in self-directed learning
  • Seeks to discover and integrate new technology

A Socially Responsible Citizen who:

  • Shows respect for self, others and God’s creation
  • Respects diversity
  • Shares gifts of service to the local and global community
  • Knows and demonstrates principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Practices civic responsibility
  • Practices responsible digital citizenship

A Person of Character who:

  • Recognizes and uses their natural talents
  • Builds confidence and leadership
  • Takes responsibility for their actions
  • Balances mind, body and spirit
  • Sets, evaluates and accomplishes personal goals
  • Exhibits perseverance when faced with struggle

Please click here for a detailed list of the SLE descriptors.