Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations are those skills, values and competencies that students work towards, gain and develop by graduation. The Student Learning Expectations are introduced at an age-appropriate time and are enhanced and reviewed throughout the student’s time at St. Joseph School. By the time a student leaves St. Joseph School they should be:

A Spiritually Active Catholic who:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of our faith and teachings of the Church
  • Participates in sacraments and liturgy
  • Makes morally responsible decisions
  • Engages in spirituality through prayer

A Life-Long Learner who:

  • Demonstrates a solid foundation in the basics of all subjects
  • Thinks critically and demonstrates problem-solving skills
  • Communicates clearly and effectively orally and in writing
  • Works cooperatively and productively with others
  • Engages in self-directed learning
  • Seeks to discover and integrate new technology

A Socially Responsible Citizen who:

  • Shows respect for self, others and God’s creation
  • Respects diversity
  • Shares gifts of service to the local and global community
  • Knows and demonstrates principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Practices civic responsibility
  • Practices responsible digital citizenship

A Person of Character who:

  • Recognizes and uses their natural talents
  • Builds confidence and leadership
  • Takes responsibility for their actions
  • Balances mind, body and spirit
  • Sets, evaluates and accomplishes personal goals
  • Exhibits perseverance when faced with struggle