Laura Henion

As an Art Educator, I feel so blessed to bring my excitement and passion for art to my students at St. Joseph School!

I first fell in love with teaching as an Art Instructor for the Riverview School District where I taught art enrichment for 10+ years. Currently, I also am the Visual Arts Instructor at Northwest Art Center in Duvall where I have been teaching fine arts and digital arts for the past 7 years. I enjoy teaching art so much that I can’t imagine doing anything else!

My background in art includes over 25 years of professional experience in illustration, graphic design, and computer graphics. I also hold a Master of Arts Degree in Computer Graphics and a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology.

Over the course of my career, I have worked as an Art Director, Designer, and Artist on over 20 published multimedia titles including the award-winning Nancy Drew Mystery Games. I was also a Program Manager for Microsoft Xbox’s Forza Motorsport franchise and managed 300+ artists globally which was quite an amazing experience.

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy for learning art is that each child has unique God given talents and strengths. One of my goals is to help your child discover their individuality and strengths while showing them how to develop and maximize the unique gifts that God gave them.

I believe it is so important to cultivate a close art community within the classroom, where students will lift each other up with encouragement and support. When students come to art class, they should feel that it is a safe place to express themselves, their ideas and develop their artistic talents. At the end of each class, they should feel confident and excited about their artistic accomplishments. With that in mind, please note that students are not graded on their artistic ability or talent, but on their effort and positive attitude.


Our Art Program at St. Joseph School (Snoqualmie Campus) proudly participates in, an online art gallery that allows students to have their own webpage to showcase their artwork! Artsonia allows parents to view their child’s artwork and share it with family members and friends all around the world. St. Joseph students are so excited about Artsonia and love receiving all the positive comments from their fans! Please enjoy St. Joseph School’s online art gallery here: StJosephSchoolSnoqualmieArtProgram

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer and help support our art program! Many are small jobs that can easily be done from home. Assistance is always welcome in the art room during class, as well as with hanging up artwork in the halls throughout the school year. Each spring, volunteers are needed to help mat and hang artwork for our annual Student Art Show.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for our Art Program, please contact me at

Thank you!