Preschool Curriculum

Curriculum: St. Joseph Preschool offers planned thematic curriculum activities appropriate for the children’s age and development that include pre-reading, math readiness, science, social studies, art activities, music, nature, movement, and dramatic play. The themes are designed to develop kindergarten readiness skills. Examples of themes include: holidays, seasons, All About Me, Friendship, Health and Safety, Dinosaurs, Transportation, and Insects. Religious activities are incorporated into the various themes each day.

Themes: St. Joseph Preschool offers a nurturing, hands-on program centered on various themes that are of high interest to children. Subjects include: art, music, science, social studies, language, mathematics and movement. Examples of lessons: friends and how God helps us to be a friend to others, holidays, seasons, health and nutrition, dinosaurs, transportation, nursery rhymes, insects, frogs, and magnets. Religious activities are incorporated into our various themes each day.

Daily Prayer Time: The children pray at meals and each day ends with a prayer. There is time for religious songs and stories, spontaneous prayer, and mini-prayer service.

Family Celebrations: We plan several social gatherings each year. These are wonderful opportunities to get together as a community. They include: Father’s Pumpkin Carving, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Social, Mother's Day Gathering, and the end-of-the-year picnic.

Field Trips: The Pre-K classe goes on a few field trips each year. Examples of field trips include: The Farm, the Pumpkin Patch, and the Fire Station. It is exciting for the children to get out into the world with their friends. Parents transport students in carpools to these events.

Skills List:


Cognitive Skills


Fine/Gross Motor

Self-Help Skills




  • Follows two-step unrelated directions

  • Dictated writing

  • Listens to stories and answer questions or retell parts

  • Show and Tell

  • Articulates speech

  • Language charts

  • Talks in complete sentences 

  • Songs and poems  

  • Knows full name and telephone number 

  • Left to right progression 

  • Asks “wh” questions

  • Book making

Cognitive Skills:
  • Recognizes own printed name

  • Completes 8-10 piece puzzle independently

  • Counts to 20

  • Recognizes geometric shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square)

  • Recognizes numbers 1-10

  • Matches numbers to sets 0-10

  • Sorts and makes patterns

  • Understands concept of “more” and “less”

  • Recognizes colors

  • Understands the concept of largest to smallest


  • Beginning problem-solving skills

  • Establishing friendships

  • Demonstrates self-control

  • Shares

  • Participates during group activities

  • Takes turns

  • Is independent but will seek help when needs it

  • Speaks spontaneously

  • Follows schedules and classroom rules

Fine/Gross Motor:
  • Cuts, pastes, colors and paints

  • Skips, hops, bounces and catches a ball

  • Creative movement

  • Writes name

  • Draws a person

Self-Help Skills:
  • Cleans up toys in class, putting them where they belong

  • Pour juice during snack time

  • Independent in toileting needs; flushes wash and dry hands

  • Wipes table after snacks

  • Put on coat independently; zip, snap or button

  • Pushes chairs under tables

  • Through stories, song, and discussion we foster ideas such as: God’s creation of the whole world and me, God’s love for everyone, and our thankfulness to God.