Tracy Vanicek

Tracy Vanicek

Vanicek Tracy

I grew up in Yakima, Washington. I attended Saint Paul Cathedral School from the first grade until eighth grade graduation. After graduating from Central Washington University, I returned to Saint Paul Cathedral School as a third-grade teacher. I had the rare opportunity to teach with my second-grade teacher, who became a mentor and dear friend.

I attended Yakima Valley Community College and Central Washington University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a minor in Reading.

I have been married for sixteen years. My husband and I have four beautiful children; Henry, Eleanor, Abigail and Liam. We also have a beloved dog, Mr. Pickles. Our family loves to travel. Disneyland (for the third time) or a cruise may be our next adventure.

I have been teaching for several years. I taught kindergarten for a year and third grade for six and half years. I spent a couple years subbing until my husband and I started our family. In the 2016-2017 school year, I started teaching technology at Saint Joseph’s School. I am now happily teaching first grade.

I love teaching first grade. When first graders walk into the classroom they are excited and ready to learn. Everything is new for them and they embrace the curriculum. I enjoy seeing their eyes light up when they learn something new. They love to sing, dance, read, do math problems and write creative stories. They even enjoy my singing and guitar playing. Each day in first grade brings something new. There is not one day that looks like the other. It is wonderful!